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CBASA hosted its first social event on Saturday 8th May; a brewery and art walk in the heart of Woodstock and Salt River, Cape Town.

The walkers meet at the Devils Peak Taproom in Saltriver. The Craft Beer industry is committed to helping and supporting the communities in which they operate and each walker was given a loaf of bread and a sachet of peanut butter to give to any residents they met along the way who may require a meal.

The walkers set off under the guidance of the CBASA’s Western Cape Committee Member; Hester Bergh. Along the way, the group stopped at each work of art to discuss the art and the meaning the artist was trying to convey. This allowed walkers to stroll at their own pace and spend time appreciating each piece.

From the streets and its colourful expressions, the group meandered to Shackleton Brewing Company to learn more about their ethos and beer from owner and brewer Stephen Peel. His talk, and delicious beers, were enjoyed by all.

From Shackelton, the group headed towards Woodstock Brewery who have been instrumental in feeding the hungry during the COVID 19 pandemic. Through their soup feeding initiative, they have feed over 4.5 million people and going strong.

At Woodstock, the group enjoyed a wonderful lunch and tasted some of the beers they brew on-site.

All-in-all the morning was most enjoyable with opportunities to network, chatting with other brewers, enjoy a walk and discovering the spectacular street art, and beers, in Salt River and Woodstock.