The Craft Brewers Association of South Africa was officially established in 2017.

There was a need to form an organisation that served the small and independent breweries throughout South Africa.

Many laws are either outdates or focused on mass production, while monopolies charge excessively high prices on raw materials and goods.

The CBASA looks at helping small businesses that want to grow their community and encourage employment.

Vision - Create a strong, growing and world class South African craft beer culture.

Mission Statement - Unify, represent and grow the craft beer community

Definition of a Craft Brewer -

  • Independent - No partial ownership by a major international brewer with over 5% market share in SA.  
  • Traditional - At least  80% of production is beer derived from malted cereal grains.

Our big picture objectives are to:  

  • Grow craft beer market share
  • Promote and be a voice for the industry
  • Help small brewers act big
  • Create passionate drinkers
  • Grow the membership base
  • Be an educational resource
  • Lobby public and private stakeholders
  • Empower entrepreneurs and craft beer education among previously disadvantaged groups

Our work toward achieving the mission and these objectives will fall under three category of Public affairs, Promotion and Production.   As members this is where we need your help and insight!  If you would like to volunteer for a team please do get in touch with us.


Public Affairs

  • Excise tax
  • Liquor act
  • Consumer act
  • Any other regulations that come up:  pressure vessels etc.
    • Talk to minster of health and agriculture, depart of labor


  • Website
  • Promote craft beer and the organization at retail
    • Stands at festivals
    • Drinktec
    • Getting press and industry exposure, PR
  • Social media
  • Organize a conference/competition/festival event


  • Brewer education
    • Brewer community “guild” type meetings  - forum for feedback and education
  • Consumer, retailer and distributor education on brewing and quality
    • Training program
  • Gather research from universities about industry - work with universities to create brewing programs
    • Organize the brewing research and efforts going on now
    • Intervarsity - official partner, help guild and judge
  • Newsletter
  • Organize collective purchasing - hops, malt, consol bottles, SAB malt and hops - guarantee supply after 2021

We’ll also start compiling industry data for members to use and in our promotional efforts around:

  • Industry employment, taxes paid and community benefit
  • craft beer consumer demographics
  • production and market share
  • PTC and raw material pricing